What We Do

Brand Innovation

Our distinctive global view and insights reveal the world through fresh eyes that uncover avenues of differentiation for our clients. We empower our clients to reach their goals. In a rapidly changing marketplace, innovation strategies drive business growth and reveal groundbreaking products and services that generate tangible benefits. Our innovation work spans products and services, business models, and channels to exploit dormant potential and meet new patterns of demand.

Discovering the unexpected, around the world or in your own backyard, leads to opportunity. Though the globe may feel smaller, opportunities are anything but for companies that recognize innovation leads to growth. rkl3D combines analytics, creativity, and strategic thinking to achieve results. We define the essence of the brand and position it for growth.

rkl3D brand innovation services include: brand strategy development; brand management and activation; organizational engagement and coaching, idea generation; research, analytics and insights; feasibility studies; market assessment and strategy; product development, integration and launches; channel strategies; change management; organizational effectiveness, training and team building.

Market Penetration

Our expertise in launching a new product or brand, as well as increasing current market share of existing products can help you accelerate business growth. Whether groundbreaking or revitalizing, our strategic marketing services include: research, analytics, and insights; global strategic market entry and development; market strategy, segmentation, and targeting; marketing program development and execution; marketing plan and resource allocation; marketing channel strategies; customer acquisition and development programs; and organizational effectiveness, training and team building.

Global Communication

Global Communication in our rapidly changing world is complicated for everyone. The regulatory environment, countless stakeholders, and intangible concepts that need to be conveyed add another layer of complexity for financial services and B2B companies.

What makes rkl3D unique is our ability to take complicated ideas and distill them down to their key messages. Then we make your communication relevant to various target markets and direct those messages on a global basis, sharing your unique point of view. The messages and media a brand uses to communicate with its market around the globe or around the block can shorten the sales cycle and create sustained demand. rkl3D global communication services include corporate and executive communications, multi-channel content marketing, direct/email campaigns, speaking engagements; conference and trade shows, event planning; internal communication, training and team building.

Our Results

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"We view Rkl3d as an extension of our firm. As a global TMT boutique investment bank our internal marketing resources are limited. At the same time we were interested in taking our business to the next level. Rkl3d worked with us to understand our goals, build consensus across the firm, gather critical insights from our clients, and execute a marketing plan to raise brand awareness."

Michael Quinn, Partner, Q Advisors LLC.