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Attracting Investors to Romania

The Romanian Government undertook a number of different programs aimed at improving its image, relations, trade, and business connections with the United States shortly after opening its doors to broader international relations.

The economic development program was one component of a broader strategy and was ultimately aimed at attracting U.S. partners and investors in Romanian infrastructure, manufacturing facilities and tourism locations throughout the primary centers of the country.
To successfully position Romania as an attractive alternative investment destination with companies and financiers, we started an extensive process that included the following deliverables:

  • Identifying the most suitable projects and facilities in the country for investment promotion
  • Packaging information on the available projects and facilities along with detailed information on their investment needs and benefits as well as general country information
  • Promoting the projects to prospective U.S. partners and investors for various business arrangements via roadshows, seminars, conferences, one-on-one meetings and broader advertising techniques
  • While much work remains, Romania has made great strides in developing its infrastructure and economy in the last years due in large part to implementing the strategies we developed.